The Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery has been inaugurated...(1/10/2005)

Municipal Development Planning Commission, Chongqing Cybercity Sci-tech and Alfacom have jointly launched the Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery on September 30, 2005 from 8am to 9:50am at Chao Tian Men Square. The attendants were representatives from various provinces; the consulate general from various countries and the leaders of Chongqing including but not limited to Huang Zhendong、Huang Qifan、Xing Yuanmin and Yu Yuanmu. There are approximately 200 guests attended this inauguration ceremony. After the ceremony, the center was opened to the public.

Alfacom signed a contract of software development and hardware implement for Chong Qing Planning Exhibition Gallery (2/6/2005)

Alfacom signed a contract with Chong Qing Digital Technology City Limited to both software development and hardware implement for the project of CQ Exhibition Centre. CQ Planning Exhibition Gellery is one of the ten major city projects in CQ this year. The main objective is to introduce the changes of CQ from its ancient times to the future. This will let the CQ people and the tourists know the history and development of this direct administrative city. The CQ Planning Exhibition Gellery will be built at the "che tin mun" and this will be a new and main city sign for CQ.

“Zhangmutou – Little Hong Kong Commercial Website” launched officially (29/10/2003)

“Zhangmutou – Little Hong Kong Commercial Website” launch program was held at the 6 floor of Zhangmutou Culture Center , at the date 28, October, 2003. The attendance of the program include Ms. Zhijia Ahao, the vice-secretary of the CPC Committee of Zhangmutou Town, Mr. Tan yong Kang, the representative of Dongguan Information Center, Mr. Ou Yang Hong Kui, the general manager of Zhangmutou town marketing development company limited and Mr. Raymond Tse, the Managing Director of Alfacom Solutions Limited. The event was record and broadcast by the Zhangmutou Town Television Broadcasting Centre. 

Alfacom was entered into an agreement with Zhangmutou Government to develop "Zhangmutou -- Little Hong Kong Commercial Website".(22/09/2003)

Alfacom have signed a contract with Zhangmutou Government to design and develope "Zhangmutou -- Little Hong Kong Commercial Website". The website will introduce the business environment, property features, preferential policies, regional culture of Zhangmutou, highlight the benefits and opportunities after the practice of CEPA, and develop comprehensive online function which fully support by the government. The website will be the essential portal of people who intended to invest in Zhangmutou.

Software Exhibition 2002 (19/12/2002)

Alfacom Solutions participated in the "Software Exhibition 2002", which was organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, from 16 to 19 December 2002 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The objective of this exhibition is to showcase the most practical and innovative IT solutions to enterprise, IT professionals and end-users in order to cater to their business needs and maximize their operational efficiency.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all the visitors who showed their interest with our products and services and gave us constructive advices and suggestions. We hope we can meet you again in the coming future.

Alfacom International Holdings Limited was entered into an agreement with Guo Kang Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies Limited (29/08/2002)

Alfacom International Holdings Limited is pleased to announce that it was entered into an agreement with Guo Kang Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies Limited, the window company of Ministry of Health, P.R.C., jointly established "Alfacom Health Solutions (Hong Kong) Limited" . It aims to provide up-to-date medical information system technology, develop the medical information system software market in Mainland China as well as explore business of relevant medical hygiene equipments.