Alliances & Partners

Chongqing Cybercity Sci-tech Ltd 

Chongqing Cybercity Sci-tech Ltd established in March of 2001, it was founded by Chongqing Geographic Information center and relative departments. Company missions are promoting different digitalized systems, including city planning and management, resources management, eco environment protection, population and social information system, disasters command and control. We built up the central command system, integration of sound, light, electricity and interactive program in Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery. We are the elite of Chongqing high technology company, have 40 staff in our company, 30% of them are master degree holder and 61% of them are undergraduate.



C-Learning Tech Co Ltd

C-Learning Tech Co Ltd was established in March of 2001. Providing sales and experience integration, exploring multimedia and information service market are the targets of our professional team. We finished the integration of different professional systems, such as TV broadcasting level digitalized platform, the high value interactive CD. 



IBM is the first vendor who talks about 'e-business', long before most people understand the web's ability to act as a medium for conducting transactions between corporations. When internet system integrators are asked who is their biggest competitor in the marketplace, IBM often comes up at the top of their list. IBM's massive research and development efforts in the e-business solution and internet / telecommunications fronts continue to reap dividends and is an influential force in key technologies like Java, Linux, and XML.IBM is the leader in the e-business mindshare and marketshare worldwide. In Hong Kong, IBM e-business is the leader in media impression as well as in number of successful installation. 

IBM provides the whole suite of e-business solution for the customers in the market. With these solutions, IBM not only leads the transformation of business across all kinds of industries into e-businesses, it is transforming itself into an e-business as well. Through its Business Transformation Executive Council, IBM is applying Internet technologies to bring consistency in electronic execution to all its business processes, from order fulfilment to supply chain co-ordination to product development to customer relationship management. It is also showing the power of centralized management and data storage in serving worldwide markets, driving down the number of data centres it operates on behalf of itself and customers down toward a handful worldwide


Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco's networking solutions connect people, computing devices and computer networks, allowing people to access or transfer information without regard to differences in time, place or type of computer system. It provides end-to-end networking solutions that customers use to build a unified information infrastructure of their own, or to connect to someone else's network. 


Channel [V], developed and maintained by Alfacom, is the official website for Star TV's youth music channel - Channel [V]'s prime time programme C'EST LA V. The website won the BDA Asia Design Award for best website in 2000.

The fabulous design work of the website is a product of the close work between the creative and design team of Alfacom and Channel [V]. The content of the site includes but not limited to latest entertainment news, music videos, streaming of the C'EST LA V show, online games, member area.

With extensive applications of Flash programming, the animated presentation enhance the attractivenes of the web site. Programmed in Java script gives flexibility to the overall editing operation. Developed by the experienced Alfacom's programmers, uploading and downloading of visual and audio files are efficient and fast makes viewing the web pages with maximum ease. 


Quants Inc. 

Founded in 1999 with headquarter and branch office in Japan, the strength of Quants Inc. is their comprehensive services in computer solutions and website establishment. Quants provides strong support to corporations in optimizing their business operation with Internet solutions, system development of Intranet & Extranet, system integration and website establishment. Their service portfolio covers CGI programming, creation of online manual and multimedia materials as well. is the world's first and the leading Greater China IP Carrier. Covering Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, offers reliable high-speed Internet solutions to Internet Content Providers (ICPs), online traders, multimedia web content users and corporate Intranet and Extranet users. 


Pacific Supernet

Founded in 1993 by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Research & Development Corporation, Hong Kong Supernet has grown into one of the largest and most reliable Internet service providers in Hong Kong. Now a member of Pacific Internet Ltd. after the acquisition in June 1996 by a consortium which consisted of Sembawang Media Pte. Ltd, Pacific Media Group and Bertelsmann, Pacific Supernet has expanded to become a truly regional corporation offering a full range of Internet related services and consultation to companies and individuals seeking global solutions.


Sunplex Consultants Limited 

Sunplex Consultants Limited was formed by Mr. Edwin Cheung in mid 1999. 
The Company's mission is to provide quality MPF-related products and services to the market. 

Since its formation, the Company has undertaken the following MPF projects: 

Steered a Systems Task Force to define the MPF requirements for a retirement scheme administration system; 
Developed an S.39 internal controls document; 
Performed quality reviews on scheme administration and accounting procedures manuals; 
Developed business continuity plans in support of MPF operations; 
Developed IT security policies; 
Developed internal audit and compliance programs; 
Recruited an internal audit manager; 
Conducted training on MPF-related issues.